Chainsaw Carvings

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I’ve come to chainsaw sculpture from a background of hand carving and sculpture, rather than forestry. As such, I’ve been able to quickly adapt my eye and skills from the chisels to the chainsaw, often combining the two. I have found it has benefited my hand carving greatly, and they feed off one another.

I love the immediacy of it, the freedom, and the ability to quickly create large scale works, which I can physically interact with. I’ve also enjoyed the range of textures available when combining chainsaws with chisel work, rotary tooling, and pyrography (wood burning), for creating fur, hair and feathers on wildlife carving and bird carvings, and special effects on garden sculptures.

Works include many smaller pieces for private collections and garden sculptures, which I’m developing for sale all the time, as well as larger scale public art, such as RSPB Minsmere, and South Essex Marshes.

My skywatch seats are a repeatable piece, which I first designed for the RSPB. These I make largely to order, although I occasionally have one or two for sale.

I’m certified and insured to do public events and displays, as well as work in school grounds and private gardens, and welcome any request, however peculiar or challenging. Please feel free to contact me about any aspect of chainsaw carving, to commission a carving, or to book me for an event.

chainsaw carvingchainsaw carvingchainsaw carving

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