Signs and Letter Carving

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MSigns and LetteringSigns and Letteringany of my commissions include some element of letter carving, and obviously forms an important part of my wooden memorial work. I can often fit sign carving and letter carving around my commission schedule. I usually carve in English Hardwoods, and can accommodate a wide range of lettering styles. All lettering is carved by hand with traditional chisels.

I tend not to price per letter, as lettering style and size can affect the carving time greatly, and so find it fairer to price each job individually.

Over the years I’ve carved numerous signs for private houses, businesses, as well as village signs (‘Bessingham village sign’) and prominent houses (Voewood). I can also carve lettering in situ, on a beam, for instance, or over a doorway, or on a gate.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any aspect of your letter carving or sign carving requirements.

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